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Introducing our stunning Reclaimed Valve Wheel Swing, a true embodiment of the reclaimed process that seamlessly integrates the rich history of decommissioned marine vessels. Crafted with meticulous care, this heavy-duty swing showcases the authentic beauty of salvaged marine vessel valve wheels, resulting in a truly unique and captivating piece.


Each swing is expertly handcrafted, ensuring that no two pieces are ever alike. This commitment to individuality means that your Reclaimed Valve Wheel Swing is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, infused with character and charm that cannot be replicated.


Immerse yourself in the rich heritage and craftsmanship of this swing as you relax and sway with the gentle breeze. The salvaged marine vessel valve wheels not only add a distinctive touch but also serve as a reminder of the stories and journeys they once witnessed.


With marine chains and cargo hooks, this swing is not only visually striking but also built to withstand the rigors of time. The combination of these premium components ensures durability, strength, and a safe swinging experience.


Choose our Reclaimed Valve Wheel Swing and bring a touch of history and artistry to your outdoor space. Embrace the beauty of the reclaimed process and marvel at the unique character infused in each swing. Let this extraordinary piece become the centerpiece of your sanctuary, inviting you to create treasured moments and connect with the stories of the past.




For the 4.5 ft (54")  2 seater option:

Bench dimensions: 54" wide 18" deep (seat depth) 

A-Frame for 54" swing: 6ft H x 7.4ft Long x 4ft Wide


For the 6ft (70") 3-4 seater XL option:

Bench dimensions: 70" wide 18" deep (seat depth)

A-frame for 70" swing: 6.2ft H x 8ft Long x 4ft Wide

Valve Wheel - Reclaimed

PriceFrom $899.00
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