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Deluxe Doubles in BRICKS - Reclaimed

Introducing our Deluxe Edition BRICKS Reclaimed Wooden Swing, a must-have addition to your backyard oasis. Experience the perfect blend of rustic charm and exquisite craftsmanship with this extraordinary double swing, adorned with intricate stacked brick designs.


Immerse yourself in the allure of fine woodwork as our skilled artisans transform reclaimed materials into a stunning masterpiece. The meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship shine through, elevating this swing to a league of its own.

The distinctive stacked brick design sets this swing apart, creating a visually captivating focal point for your outdoor space. Each brick is meticulously crafted and seamlessly integrated, showcasing the beauty of precision and artistry.


Not only does our Deluxe Edition BRICKS Swing exude elegance, but it also offers unrivaled comfort and durability. Each swing is designed to provide a luxurious seating experience, allowing you to unwind and enjoy blissful moments with your loved ones.


Enhance your backyard oasis with this exceptional swing that effortlessly combines aesthetics with functionality. It's the perfect centerpiece to elevate your outdoor sanctuary, leaving a lasting impression on all who behold it.


Choose our Deluxe Edition BRICKS Reclaimed Wooden Swing and let it become the embodiment of fine craftsmanship and timeless design in your backyard. Experience the ultimate blend of beauty and comfort, as you create cherished memories swinging in style.


Reclaimed Wood - 1/4 Inch Galv Chain - (1 OR 2) 28" Swing


 Comes Standard with Galvanized chains. 


Marine salvaged chain upgrade available (Set of 4 Marine Chains w hooks. One set for each swing seat)




28" individual seats

A-frame: 6.2ft H x 8ft Long x 4ft Wide

Deluxe Doubles in BRICKS - Reclaimed

PriceFrom $499.00