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Elevate your Texas pride and pay homage to the timeless spirit of ranching with the Timber Image Longhorn Swing. This extraordinary one-of-a-kind piece is a testament to craftsmanship and an expression of your love for the Lone Star State. Crafted from reclaimed wood and accentuated with rustic rope, marine chains, and a striking Longhorn design, this swing stands in a league of its own.


Immerse yourself in the rich history and rugged beauty of reclaimed wood as our skilled artisans breathe new life into every plank. Each swing carries a story, preserving the authenticity and character of its origins. It is a symbol of sustainable design and a tribute to the land.


The rustic rope and marine chains not only add a touch of rustic charm but also provide the utmost strength and durability. With a cargo hook that exudes industrial elegance, this swing becomes a statement piece that effortlessly captures attention.


Embrace the spirit of Texas ranching as you relax on this heavy-duty swing, designed to withstand the elements and offer lasting comfort. Whether it graces your porch, garden, or sprawling landscape, the Longhorn Swing embodies the essence of ranch life and invites you to savor moments of serenity and reflection.


Choose Timber Image for an unparalleled expression of Texas pride. Let the Longhorn Swing become the centerpiece of your outdoor sanctuary, a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and your unwavering support for the ranching heritage. Make a bold statement and create treasured memories with this remarkable piece that sets you apart from any competitor in Texas or beyond.




For the 4.5 ft (54")  2 seater option:

Bench dimensions: 54" wide 18" deep (seat depth) 

A-Frame for 54" swing: 6ft H x 7.4ft Long x 4ft Wide


For the 8ft 4-5 seater XXL option:

Bench dimensions: 96" wide 18" deep (seat depth)

A-frame for 96" swing: 6.2ft H x 10ft Long x 4ft Wide

Longhorn - Reclaimed

PriceFrom $899.00
  • We strongly recommend to lightly sand and restain your reclaimed wood or pressure treated wood EVERY single year.  This method of yearly sealing with an oil based deck sealant has proven to extend the life of treated wood up to 50 years!  Don't skip or neglect this important step towards your investment.  Our pieces of furniture are a work of art, it took alot of manpower work to create intricate and unique designs.  Our family would love for your family to enjoy them for decades.  It only takes an hour or so to do!  We use and recommend Sherwin William Semi-transparent oil based deck sealant in Canyon Brown.

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