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Introducing our stunning and luxurious Timber Image GABLE ROOF designer series. Experience the perfect blend of beauty and functionality with these exquisite Gable roofs that will transform your outdoor space into a haven of comfort and style. Designed to keep you cool during summer while providing protection for your grill, patio furniture, and creating the ideal setting for endless family nights.


At Timber Image, we prioritize both quality and affordability, offering you two options to choose from. Our most economical choice is the TREATED PINE, known for its durability and cost-effectiveness. For those seeking unparalleled beauty, our higher-end option is the CEDAR Wood, renowned for its natural elegance and exquisite grain patterns.


Please note that the prices provided are starting prices and include the Gable roof, posts, and on-site labor construction. We are happy to provide you with a customized quote for additional features such as a CEMENT floor or a wood deck. Enhance your outdoor space further with optional extras like matching swings, picnic tables, or a complete outdoor kitchen setup.


For reference, our video showcases the 16' x 16' Gable roof with TWO single 28" seats, featuring marine salvaged chains and Cedar posts. The total price for this configuration is $16,830, demonstrating our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.


It's important to note that the final price is dependent on factors such as location and accessibility to your property. Lumber and roofing material delivery companies may charge extra for difficult or distant access.


Rest assured, our Gable roofs are meticulously built on-site to ensure the highest quality and precision. Currently, we provide our services in The Valley (south TX), San Antonio, San Marcos, New Braunfels, Buda, Austin, Waco, Dallas, Fort Worth, The Woodlands, and Houston. However, we are open to considering nearby communities upon request.


Please be aware that a CEMENT floor or bottom deck is not included in the pricing. If you wish to add a wood deck, we offer a starting price of $1,728 for a 12x12 deck.


We also provide additional services such as outdoor kitchens, complete with drop-ins for your grill, smoker, and fridge, with options for a granite or cement top.


Please keep in mind that prices are subject to change in the event of substantial increases in wood prices, ensuring transparency and fairness in our pricing.


Choose Timber Image for exceptional quality, stunning craftsmanship, and personalized service. Let us bring your outdoor vision to life with our exquisite Gable roofs and create an enchanting space where unforgettable moments are made.

Timber Image Designer Series GAZEBO Gable Roof

PriceFrom $9,130.00
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