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Timber Image offers a wide array of services. Here's just a few. 

When life takes you outdoors, enjoy the finest in rustic outdoor furniture!
It’s no fun being cooped up, which is why our outdoor furnishings are built to last and look good doing it. At Timber Image you’ll find arbors, pergolas, trellises and everything else you need to add a rustic decorating touch to your home, cabin, cottage or lodge. Looking for beautiful and luxurious wood furniture to place on the front porch or back yard? Or a log yard swing that screams rustic country decor? We’ve got it.

You'll have no trouble finding that down to earth patio furniture here. We help you make outdoor life more appealing – and comfortable – with functional seating, end tables, picnic tables and more. Built to brave the elements, our Designer Swing and Bar lines possess qualities that can make a weeping willow blush. Especially fond of summer breezes and autumn sunsets, our benches and love-seats are a must for anyone who loves being  outside. Whatever your needs and your budget, you’ll find the best in outdoor rustic furniture and yard décor items at Timer Image.

Commercial building remodeling is a big undertaking for any property owner. It’s so big that many will only go through a major remodel once or twice in their lifetime. When the remodel begins, many property owners don’t know what to expect. Being informed can help make a remodel or upgrade less stressful and more worthwhile. Working with an experienced contractor, such as Timber Image, will guarantee that your business's project be done professionally and in a budget-conscience manner. Improve your property's value and increase customer flow by teaming with Timber Image today.

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